Shri SaiDham Sirali
Sabaka Malik Ek

“Om Sai Ram”
History of Baba’s Mandir (Temple)

It’s an incidence few years back, happened to Mr. Anil Bhayare (Gurjar), a small farmer who lives in a village called sirali in Harda district of Madhya Pradesh stste. One morning in dream he saw a temple of Sai baba made of red stone with beautiful arches and in temple he was doing holy ‘darshan’ and ‘keertan’ of baba. Even after waking up in morning the dream remained in his mind. Three years after this incident, he got married and along with his wife, went to Shirdi for Baba’s darshan and these all the scenes of temple he dreamt about, came in front of his eyes and he decided to construct a temple on the same place he saw in dream. He came back to Sirali and discuss about his decision with his family members and the whole family happily agreed for constructing baba’s temple on their own farming land. That time Mr. Anil was under financial constrain and hence couldn’t turn his idea into truth. But it was the almighty baba, who knew, how he will come to Sirali to do goodness for his devotees and for this what deeds he was going to do, they were only known to Baba.

At the same time one more family of devotee, Mr. and Mrs. Dayalu Karode, obsessed in love of baba, who used to stay at Shirdi at least for 2 months in a year, planned of making Baba’s temple in their own village ‘Kal Kund’ which is 7km far from Sirali. In Shirdi both of them used to pray to baba “Baba you please come along with us. Baba our life and all earthly pleasures are meaningless if you are not present in our life.” And thus he decided to make baba’s small temple in Kal Kund.

From here the pageant of Baba started. He wanted to come there in his great form. For this Baba chosen Mr. Ganesh Rajpoot, who made feelings of Mr. Karode and Mr. Bhayare well versed with each other, and finally they planned to make temple finally into Sirali. They along with others residents of Sirali village, gathered and did a meeting regarding this in “Gurjar Hostel” (Sirali) and everybody gave their commitment to help in building temple.

On 15th of march 2007 ‘’Bhoomi Poojan’’ was done by “Shri Bala Saheb Joshi,” (main priest of Shirdi Sa temple) and a 1.25 feet heighted baba’s idol was enshrined. Now a days this place is known as “Dwarika Mai”. One day Mrs. Karode was doing Path (reading) of ‘Sai Satcharitra’ on the same place where “Dwarika Mai” is situated now and she saw baba dancing there with joy, with her open eyes and conscious mind. This incidence was one of the proof of baba’s presence in Sirali.

For building a huge and magnificent temple, huge money was needed. One day baba came in dream of ‘Dayalu Bhai’ and said “I beg for full of my life, why can’t you”. From the next day he along with other devotees started taking contributions for temple from the Sirali and nearly villages. With the great grace of baba on 27th November 2009 the Shri Sai Dham Mandir (Temple) was ready in its majestic form.

‘Pran Pratishtha’ of Baba’s idol was done by Honorable and learnt priests shri Bala Saheb Joshi, shri Sanjay Patni, shri Keshav Binwani and shri Vijay Binwani from Shirdi.

"11 Sayings of Baba"

Whoever puts his feet on Shirdi soil, his sufferings would come to an end.

The wretched and miserable would rise into plenty of joy and happiness, as soon as they climb steps of my samadhi.

I shall be ever active and vigorous even after leaving this earthly body.

My tomb shall bless and speak to the needs of my devotees.

I shall be active and vigorous even from the tomb.

My mortal remains would speak from the tomb.

I am ever living to help and guide all who come to me, who surrender to me and who seek refuge in me.

If you look to me, I look to you.

If you cast your burden on me, I shall surely bear it.

If you seek my advice and help, it shall be given to you at once.

There shall be no want in the house of my devotees.
Namo jaggurum ishwaram sainatham ,
purushottam sarvalokam prakasham !
chidananda rupam namo vishva aatam ,
yogishvaram karunakarm sainatham !!
Daily Pooja Schadule

Kakad Aarti (5:15 AM)
Offering makhan mishri to Baba
Mangal Snan (Abhishek)
Bal Bhog(9:00 AM Offering halwa to Baba)
Shringar Aarti(Sanchhipta Aarti)
Vishnu Sahastranaam's Paath
Sai Sachharitra's Paath
Kanakdhara shtrot's Paath
Shri Sukta's Paath
Shri Purushokt's Paath
Bhog(Khichdi every Thursday 12:00 PM)
Madhyan Aarti
Dhoop Aarti (5:30 PM acording to sunset)
Offering Milk and Halwa
Bhajan Sangeet
Bhog(Offering full meal)
Shej Aarti (10:00 PM)